Tiger is a Co-Dominate gene that stretches, cleans, and brightens pattern in Retics, while maintaining everything that makes the Retics so unique.  The homozygous form of this gene is known as SuperTiger, which often is completely striped from head to tail.  This is an extremely variable gene, which often produces unexpected results when combined with other morphs, and is the favorite base morph of quite a few Retic enthusiasts, and has long held a special place in their hearts.

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Sunfire Plutonium

Titanium Super Tiger Sunfire
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Super Sunfire Albino Tigers

Super Sunfire White, Lavender, Purple, and Het Albino Tigers
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The Dairy Lover

Male: Orange Ghost Stripe 66% pos het Albino Female: Phantom Tiger 66% pos het Albino (2 years old)

The Sun Titan Breeding Package

Male: Titanium 100% het Albino Female: Sunfire Tiger Citron 66 % pos het Albino

The Titanium Lover

Male: Citron Sunfire Platinum Tiger pos het Albino Female: Tiger Titanium pos het Albino

Anery Tiger

A lightened, refined pattern version of the Anery gene- very beautiful and rare 2 gene retics with a lot of potential for combos.
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Anthrax Super Tiger

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Citron Platinum Het Pied Tiger

Platron Tiger
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Citron Platinum Tiger Possible Het Albino

Platron Tiger
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Sunfire Albino Tigers

Sunfire White, Lavender, Purple and Het Albino Tigers
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